Why take the EUBAT?

Europe is constantly changing and evolving. It is a complex political and business environment because of its diverse cultures and languages, its patchwork of rules and regulations, and its history of political and social conflicts; what we know about Europe today may not be true in the future.

Yet, as largest economic market in the world, Europe cannot be ignored.



Taking the EUBAT gives you the opportunity to demonstrate that you have the skills and knowledge to understand and work within the ever changing and complex business environment that is Europe today.

With more than 731 million consumers the European continent is an economic powerhouse with managed assets of over 25€ trillion ($32.7 trillion) representing one-third of the world’s wealth. The diversity of its businesses and organisations is only surpassed by the diversity of its people who live in more than 47 different countries and speak more than 230 different languages.

Successfully navigating Europe’s diverse cultures, customs, business practices, legal and trade regulation requires a comprehensive set of skills and knowledge. Businesses and organisations around the world need people who are competent in these areas and the EUBAT is a test that can demonstrate that you have these competencies.



The EUBAT is designed to measure the level to which one master’s knowledge of Europe and the skills needed to succeed in doing business with Europe and in European based businesses and organisations.

The EUBAT satisfies two important needs in the market today. The first by students and working professionals from around the world who seek a convenient way to demonstrate their knowledge of Europe, and the second, by globally focused businesses and organisations that need an efficient and objective evaluation tool to measure specific competencies needed to do business with Europe and in European based businesses and organisations.