General overview

The European Business Administration Test (EUBAT) is a three hour computer-based standardised examination designed to test general knowledge of Europe and the European business environment. The test is in four sections:

Section A – Europe: Shared Values, Cultural Diversity is designed to assess knowledge of European history, civilisation, religions, geopolitics and citizenship.

Section B – European Institutions in an International Context is designed to assess knowledge of European institutions and organisations, their functions and the future of European enlargement.

Section C – Intercultural Management and Human Resources is designed to assess knowledge of intercultural management and human resource management.

Section D – The Business World and the European Environment, is designed to assess knowledge of the European economy, markets, business development, accounting, taxation, subsidies and lobbying.



Testing Options


To provide test-takers with test taking options to best suit their needs, each of the four sections of the EUBAT can be taken separately or together as one complete test. This flexibility provides test-takers the ability to choose to register for those sections of the test they have mastered before moving on to other sections of the test.
In addition, some test takers may find that some but not all of the sections are more relevant to their academic or professional objectives and prefer to take those sections rather than the full test. More…


Test Duration


The full EUBAT is three hours in duration and each section of the test is 45 minutes in duration when taken individually.


Testing Locations


To make the EUBAT accessible, it is available worldwide at Pearson VUE test centres. When registering to take the EUBAT, candidates may choose the test centre closest to them and at a time that meets their needs.


Test Score


Upon completion of the test a score report is automatically generated. The score report includes the test takers name, the date the test was taken, the name of the test and the score received. The score is represented by the number of points received over the total number of points possible, for example a score of 156/272 indicates that the test taker received 156 points over 272 (full test).
A score from the EUBAT may be used to demonstrate the degree to which knowledge of Europe and the European business environment are mastered. More…




Test Questions


The test questions come in three forms: binary choice (yes/no or true/false), multiple-choice, and a short case-study with multiple-choice questions. Sections A and B have 40 questions each, Sections C and D have 30 questions plus a case study with three multiple choice questions.